Build healthy habits for life

No crash diets, no public weigh-ins, and no putting the weight straight back on. We'll work with you to build healthy habits that help you lose weight and keep it off forever.

What to expect with BeeZee Bodies

  • We’ve got different programmes you can check out below, so there’s guaranteed to be something for you.
  • We run 10-16 week programmes that help you build healthy habits, lose weight, and keep that weight off for good
  • We do weight loss differently. Say goodbye to yoyo dieting and short-term thinking. We’re here to make sure the changes stick
  • Our Adult programmes are funded by Public Health England, which means we can deliver world-class programmes without charging you a penny.

Adult Programmes

Whoever you are and wherever you’re at, we’ve got a programme for you.


If you live in Bristol…
You can join BeeZee Live, or Gutless online (if you’re a man!)

If you live in Devon…
We only have funding for men (sorry ladies) to join Gutless online.

If you live in Brighton & Hove…
You can have it all! Men and women choose from BeeZee for All groups in-person across the city, or BeeZee Live (all online). Men can join Gutless in-person or online.

We’ve got both!

BeeZee for All is an in-person programme in Brighton that we’ve been running successfully for years.

BeeZee Live is fully online. We launched it during coronavirus, but it gets such good feedback and results that we’re not stopping now!

Gutless is available as an online programme or an in-person group in Brighton, depending where you live and what you prefer 🙂

All our programmes are completely free!

Normally you get what you pay for, but in this case Public Health England have paid for everything, so you get a premium programme for nothing.

BeeZee Bodies isn’t about diets or shaming people at weigh-ins. And it isn’t short term.

Instead, we focus on building long-term healthy habits, debunking diet and exercise myths, and making sure the weight stays off for good.

If you want to do everything online, choose BeeZee Live.

If you want a male-only group, choose Gutless.

If you live in Brighton and would prefer to meet up in real life, it’s BeeZee For All.

If you’re not sure, just sign up on this page and we’ll help you work it out.

We’ll give you a call when you sign up to learn more about you and your individual challenges, and then we’ll help you choose the best programme for you.

Our next set of programmes begin in May. There are still spaces left, but we expect to fill them all, so don’t wait too long!

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