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The BeeZee Bodies team

Jobs at BeeZee Bodies

Join our team!

Dear free thinkers, innovators and passionately courageous people. We want you to join us in doing meaningful work, and having fun doing it!

BeeZee Bodies has joined forces with Maximus, a global organisation, to provide comprehensive community-based and online support for healthy living across the UK.

Are you the one?

At BeeZee Bodies we subscribe to a set of values that help guide how we work, play, and problem solve together. If these resonate for you, there just might be a role with your name on it.

Whether you’re fresh out of college or a seasoned executive, at BeeZee Bodies we want passionate people and expect you to go the extra mile to figure out how you can have the greatest impact in your role. Titles be damned.

If you have great idea, share it and we will listen. BeeZee Bodies has a wealth of experience, but we don’t know it all, and are always looking at new and innovative ways of working.

BeeZee Bodies believes in empowering all its staff to succeed in their roles. When you join us, you’re at the wheel and we will help you navigate.

We all need to be a little courageous to make a change. At BeeZee Bodies we want to make BIG changes, So hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

We want people who are genuine, honest and real. The people we are and the people we work with rely on these qualities and are key to the success of our organisation.

Volunteer with us

We are always looking for keen hands to help out. If you are looking for experience or just keen to support us drop us a line. We'd love to chat with you.

Make a big difference

Join our team in creating meaningful and sustainable changes to peoples lives.

Learn every day

Experiment, fail, learn, repeat - we're always looking to develop our skills and services

Work hard, play hard

Life is what happens when you are busy working. We want to make sure you enjoy it.