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Habit before the Habit – the secret step towards achieving your goals!

When looking to establish habits and routines, it can often feel like there is a lot going against us and trying to stand in our way from achieving our goal. But often this is just because your current lifestyle isn’t set up to make these changes easy – for example 

  • You want to establish an early morning exercise routine. BUT your gym clothes aren’t easy to find because they’re stuffed at the bottom of a drawer or are in the wash
  • You want to establish a new healthy snacking habit. BUT when you go to the kitchen, the biscuit tin is visibly out on the counter to tempt you, while fruit is kept in a cupboard.

Just a few little tweaks to the way you set up things around the home can help you assist in reaching your goals: 

Some training equipment - a watch, trainers, clothing etc. - set out for use
Tips for reaching your exercise goals
  •  Get your kit out the night before and put it next to your bed. Make sure you own enough sportswear so you’re never stuck with nothing to wear while your kit is in the wash. 
  • Set an alarm on your phone for the morning and put the phone on the other side of the room on top of your exercise clothes. This means you HAVE to get out of bed to turn it off!  
  • Make sure any technology you need, such as iPod, headphones or fitness tracker is charged the night before. 
  • Pick out a workout video/plan your running route/book into an exercise class the night before so you can get up and get going! 
A fruit bowl of apple and oranges
Tips for achieving healthier eating habits
  • Move the fruit bowl so that it is the first thing you encounter when you enter the kitchen for a snack. Likewise, hide unhealthier snacks like crisps and biscuits in the cupboards – out of sight, out of mind! 
  • Plan snack times into your daily routine, so you know when you are getting your next bite to eat and avoid over snacking. Ensure you put healthy snack items on your shopping list. 
  • Make time to plan your meals before you do the food shop – this will help you have everything ready for a healthy dinner and avoid you reaching for convenience food. Tip – don’t do it while you’re hungry as you’ll be more likely to crave high fat foods. 

By implementing these little habits, they will have a knockon effect in helping you to make larger healthy habits. These habits before the habit wont guarantee the healthy habit happening (that parts up to you!) but it will reduce the chances of them NOT happening!


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