Healthy Lifestyles Support for people with Physical Impairments

We have just begun the exciting process of engaging with professionals and the public across Birmingham to create a brand-new service to support people with physical disabilities to lose weight and make healthy changes, that last. We are experts in behaviour change and helping people lose weight, and now we are looking to hear from YOU!

Tell me more...

We have been commissioned by Birmingham City Council, as part of a wider weight management programme, to provide Tier 2 Adult Weight Management services to people with Physical Impairments living in Birmingham.

We are looking for local people who have a physical impairment or who work with people with physical impairments to have a two-way conversation. We will provide evidence-based advice on how to make change, you tell us about your experiences: What matters to you, what you care about, barriers you face and strengths you have. We will then work with local people to design a new service based on what YOU say.

Why sign up?

  • Get 1:1 healthy lifestyles support from our nutrition and behaviour change experts
  • Have your say on how you think we can best support other people with physical Impairments live healthier lifestyles

We are funded by Birmingham City Council who provide a range of other services, including for specific population groups. For more information on all the services offered, visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/adultweight

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