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Our online nutrition course helped Sabrina lose weight in lockdown.

Looking to lose lockdown weight gain?

If you’ve put on weight over the last year, you’re not alone. A study found that 48% of Brits gained weight over the first lockdown alone. It’s understandable – it’s been a series of stressful and anxious groundhog days, and many of us may have turned to comfort foods or alcohol for a bit ojoy, and slipped into unhealthy routines. 

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry because we’re here to help you take control over your health! We have developed an online learning course called BeeZee Live, so that we can continue to deliver our weight management and behaviour change programmes safely throughout lockdown.  


There’s no diet plans – we don’t believe in telling you what to eat. No strict exercise regimes – we know everybody moves in different ways.  

Our team of nutritionists are experts in behaviour change techniques and over the 12 week course will support you to create healthy habits.  

Unlike fad diets or slimming clubs, we don’t focus on weight loss targets, or points or restricting foods. Those things may work in the short term, but they’re unsustainable and miserableInstead we help you make small, realistic changes to your routine and lifestyle – and in time these small changes can make a big difference!  

We know what you might be thinking; can you really make long lasting, life changing healthy habits from a webinar? Can you really lose weight from sitting at your computer? Sabrina did…  

Sabrina's Story

“I had been in denial about my weight and lifestyle for a long time. I was happily cooking and eating with no limitations on portionsand I was drinking a lot of alcohol. I wasn’t moving at all, and felt out of breath if I walked for more than ten minutes. I had high blood pressure too, which can be dangerous with weight gain, so my nurse referred me to BeeZee Bodies. I initially felt really embarrassed and a bit down about the referralbecause I couldn’t believe I had let myself get to the stage where my weight was a problem. 

Being in lockdown, I wasn’t sure how BeeZee Bodies could help me, but I approached the online course with an open mind. BeeZee Live was so helpful. All the nutritionists were really positive and had a way of conveying information so that it really sank in.  

After a few weeks, it was like a light bulb went off in my brain.  

My whole attitude to food has changedI’m eating smaller portions, I’m taking my time to eat mindfully and appreciate the flavours! I also stopped drinking alcohol, which I believe has made a big difference to my weight alone. 

With lockdown, gyms were closed so I signed up to an online fitness site and started working out every day. I alternate between HIIT classes and yoga to balance the week out. I noticed that the more that I moved, the more energy I had and the more I wanted to move! I’ve started going for coastal walks with friends at the weekend and I recently bought an exercise bike so I watch a boxset and cycle away every other day. 

It really is about tweaking things in your everyday life, to stop and think about changing habits, starting small and then increasing. It has really taught me to put me and my health first. 

I lost 10kg while I was on BeeZee Live. I also am currently in the process of coming off my blood pressure medication because my blood pressure has significantly decreased because of the lifestyle changes that I have made, which is amazing! 

The weight is coming off slowly, which I now know is better for maintaining a healthy weight for good. I still have a long way to go, but the lessons from BeeZee Bodies are still with me, especially the session about habit chains. 

Thank you to the BeeZee Bodies team for making the online experience so good.”

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