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BeeZee Live

Log on to a healthier, happier you

We do weight loss differently. There's no diet plan or strict regime, and you can do it all online.
Our nutritionists and behaviour change experts will help you make small changes and turn them into healthy habits for life.

Log on to healthy habits

Sign up to our free, online programme and live stream our nutrition and behaviour change experts into your home.

We’ll explore healthy living topics such as portion sizes, decoding food labels, keeping active and snacking/drinking.

But it’s more than just learning about good nutrition. We’ll support you to make small, practical changes that work for your lifestyle, and give you the tools and techniques to turn these changes into healthy habits for life.

Why Join BeeZee Live?

  • All the benefits of an in-person course without having to leave your own home
  • Discover the small simple changes that will make a big difference
  • Lose weight in a healthy way, and keep that weight off forever
  • No crash diets where the weight just piles on again afterwards
  • No need to give up the things you love - we're here to make your life better, not worse!

What can I expect?

  • One webinar every week for 10 weeks, covering topics around healthy living led by expert nutritionists
  • The chance to interact in group discussions, quizzes and polls
  • Our team will be on camera, but you won’t be
  • Sessions to look at the fundamentals behind habit change
  • Access to useful resources, like healthy recipes to cook at home and worksheets to keep you on track
  • Access to a WhatsApp group to connect with other people on the course
  • Personalised 1:1 support from a nutritionist who will check in with you throughout the course

The important stuff

Who is BeeZee Live for?

It’s for anyone and everyone who…

  • Lives in Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Walsall or London (Hounslow only)
  • Is at least 16 years old (18+ in Hounslow)
  • Has a BMI of 25+ or 23.5 for BAME people or those with co-morbidities (30+ in Hounslow)

If you don’t know your BMI, you can use our BMI calculator to find out in just a few seconds.

How much is it?

It’s totally FREEEEE! (so long as you meet the eligibility criteria above)

When is it?

We run a number of BeeZee Live courses over the year. Our next programmes will start in May. More details coming soon! 


What our clients say

Sally at the beach

"I've tried every diet going - some were successful but never long term. But BeeZee Bodies has given me the tools, information, guidance and  encouragement to finally (for the first time in my life) be in control of my weight & health and make informed choices. For me that is so liberating."

Paul Smiling

"BeeZee Bodies don’t tell you what to eat. They show you how to make small changes and in your own time. Before I knew it I was eating a lot better, walking 2 hours a day and had lost 6kg.  The small changes really do work!"

Sabrina admiring her results

"BeeZee Bodies' online course was really helpful, it was like a lightbulb went off in my brain... it really is about tweaking small things in your everyday life. I've lost 10kg and my blood pressure has decreased because of the lifestyle changes that I have made, which is amazing!"


All you need is a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. And an internet connection.

BeeZee Live webinars are delivered online via Adobe Connect. We’ll send you the login details when you sign up.

All our programmes are completely free!

Normally you get what you pay for, but in this case Public Health England have paid for everything, so you get a premium programme for nothing.

You’ll have a single 1-hour online session every week for 10 weeks. 

Everything’s online, so you can do the whole programme from your own home or wherever you’re most comfortable. 

Our next programmes will start in May. More details coming soon! 

BeeZee Bodies isn’t about diets or shaming people at weigh-ins. And it isn’t short term.

Instead, we focus on building long-term healthy habits, debunking diet and exercise myths, and making sure the weight stays off for good.


To be honest, we weren’t sure to begin with either, but COVID didn’t give us a choice. So we launched BeeZee Live, intending to go back to our normal in-person programmes afterwards.

But the results were way too good to stop, so we’re keeping BeeZee Live as well as our in-person programmes.

Also, our funding comes from Public Health England. Which means that if any of our programmes don’t get results, we don’t get any money. So a long-term positive outcome is just as important for us as it is for you. If BeeZee Live didn’t get amazing results, we’d have ditched it already!

Nope. Our team will be on camera, but you won’t be.

We’re only able to offer BeeZee Live in these three areas at the moment.

This is because we’re funded by Public Health England, and we haven’t been commissioned to run BeeZee Live anywhere else.

But we’ve got programmes in several other areas, and we’re expanding quickly, so BeeZee Live might be coming to you soon!

Lots of people aren’t sure which programme to go for. But it doesn’t really matter.

When you sign up, someone from our lovely BeeZee Bodies team will give you a call to find out more about you and what programme would suit you best.

So you could sign up on this page and still end up on a different programme if it turns out that would be a better fit. We’ll go through all the options with you, but ultimately it’ll be up to you.

Just pop in your details and we’ll take care of the rest 🙂

Nope! We don’t think diets are the best way to lose weight. Some of them work for a while, but nobody can stick to the same diet forever, and it’s never long before the scales start creeping up again.

We focus on small, achievable changes instead. Things you can do forever, that don’t feel like a hassle, and have a big impact.

You can still eat your favourite foods, and you don’t have to give anything up forever – you just need to understand what effects those foods have, and in some cases put a bit less of them on your plate.

We’re not interested in horrible short-term crash diets that have no lasting impact. Instead, we’ll help you build long-term healthy habits that you barely even notice but keep the weight off forever.

If you’re in Bristol, Buckinghamshire and Walsall just fill in the form at the top of the page!

If you’re in Hounslow, the process is a little bit different, so please sign up through the Healthy Hounslow website.