Gutless is a no-nonsense way of helping men lose weight, get fit and improve health. Fuelled by facts, this programme gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals, your way. Have you got what it takes to become a Gutless loser?

Why join Gutless?
  • Gain scientific nutrition knowledge delivered through interesting and informative sessions.  
  • Take part in tough but rewarding workouts and group activities tailored to your (increasing) fitness levels. 
  • Make your own decisions. Instead of telling you what to do, we help you run experiments. If the experiment works, great! If it doesn’t, make some changes and try again.  
  • Make new mates – Gutless sessions are just for men and full of blokey banter.  
What is Gutless?
  • Gutless is a healthy lifestyles programme for men who have a bit of weight to lose and who want to get fitter in the process.
  • You will attend sessions once a week for twelve weeks, where our nutritionists and exercise leaders will help you to achieve your health goals, on your terms.
  • Each session lasts for 2 hours including one hour of factual nutrition discussion and one hour of physical activity.
  • It’s free!*


* BMI of 25+ or 23.5 for BAME groups or those with comorbidities (type 2 diabetes)

Become a Gutless Loser

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