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Dan joined Gutless and lost 20lbs, rediscovered a joy of exercising and reports feeling happier in himself.

56 year old Dan from Brighton, like many men, had fallen into the habit of eating quite a few takeaways and ready meals. His large portion sizes, and frequent indulgence in his favourite treats (Doritos & midget gems!) had led to weight gain, and although he said he ‘could feel [his] jeans getting tighter and becoming more breathless’, he was always telling himself that he’d deal with it ‘tomorrow’.

Taking the first step

But it wasn’t until a routine check-up that ‘officially confirmed’ that his BMI was in the overweight zone, that spurred Dan to take action. The nurse suggested he take a look at Gutless, so Dan signed up to get some professional support and information on eating healthily. He also decided to give up drinking and smoking at the same time, as he found it was all linked. “My goal was to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle that focused on exercise and being active. New year, new start”

All in it together

Dan signed up to Gutless, our weight management course designed for men. The course covers topics around nutrition and behaviour change techniques; something that Dan found particularly useful. He said “The information gives was immediately useful and practical. I never felt lectured or patronised. I always felt the team genuinely cared about helping us, and educated me in how to maintain healthy changes.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dan’s Gutless group met virtually, online via webinars – which worked well for Dan:

“Doing it at home was a great help, as having been working during the day, I might have made excuses for not getting to a meeting if I had to drive there”

We were pleased to hear that the usual camaraderie of Gutless hadn’t got lost in cyberspace, Dan said “There was a spirit of ‘all in it together’ and I had some genuine belly laughs during the presentations. The team are playful and their sense of fun is great!”

Small changes....

The programme helped Dan make “little and often changes that work, rather than big ones” that are often unsustainable. Dan has increased his activity levels, improved his diet and reduced his portion sizes.

“My nutritionist was great at answering my questions and suggested different approaches to dealing with portion sizes.
I learned how to be mindful about my food choices, and not assign a ‘bad’ label if I wanted to go and treat myself to some of my favourite foods, like rotisserie chicken! As long as I know what I’m doing – it’s my choice and not one which is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. The same goes for exercise – some days I won’t go out but it’s not a ‘bad’ thing – it’s a choice.”

Dan now tells us he is eating more varied veg, and has reduced his portions to a healthier size.

He’s also more active now, and more prepared to challenge himself and push his limits. “Before, I’d convinced myself that I didn’t have the puff to get up hills or to run, but bit by bit I’m improving. I’m walking up and down the hills on the Downs, rather than just on the flat, and have started the Couch to 5k running challenge too! It’s a feeling money can’t buy!”

...BIG results!

Dan’s made some amazing healthy changes to his lifestyle, resulting in a 20lb (1.5 stone) weight loss in just the first 12 weeks. “I am continuing the habits I made on Gutless, but I know I can’t take it for granted or make excuses for not doing it! The results are making me feel a lot happier in myself”

“Gutless is a great programme, the wide breadth of topics covered and their relevance makes each session interesting and always enjoyable. The team themselves are knowledgeable, professional and treated us with respect. I was always glad I had made the effort to attend and I’ve recommended Gutless to my friends and family”

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