Live your best life!

    Join B•YOU(th) and connect with other young people like you who want to invest in their health & wellbeing. Together, we'll support each other to be your best you!

    What is B•You(th)?

    At BeeZee Bodies, we run free healthy lifestyles courses for kids and adults. But we get that the things you want to know are different to 5 year olds and 50 year olds! So, with the help of young people like you, we created B•YOU(th) – a place for 13-16 year olds to discuss the health & wellbeing topics that matter to them.

    Our wellbeing coaches and nutritionists can support you to:

    • Eat healthier
    • Get more active
    • Create and maintain a healthy routine
    • Look and feel your best!

    But exactly what topics we cover depends on you! Previous members also brought up things like school and home life, friendships, relationships, gaming, social media, hobbies and interests, and any other topics that came up – it can get quite random (which is a good thing)!

    As we get to know each other, we would love to hear about any passions, ideas, issues or concerns you have. Our goal is to talk about things you are interested in and that reflect you, and your generation. We will support and encourage you to learn together and offer opportunities to help others, by doing some good in the world.

    Join us!

    Sign up to be part of our next B•YOU(th) group, starting on Wednesday 28th April 2021 for 8 weeks (with the opportunity to carry on if you love it!).

    When? Wednesdays 18:00 – 19:15
    Where? on ZOOM
    How much? Free!

    You can join B•You(th) for free if you:
    • Are aged 13-16
    • Live or go to school in Hertfordshire OR Gloucestershire OR Brighton & Hove

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