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Meet Bernadette…embracing behaviour change, embracing life.

Bernadette, aged 60, was seeing a psychiatrist as she had really low self esteem. Seeing a letter saying she was obese one day made her feel even worse.

She enrolled on a free BeeZee Ladies weight loss and behavioural change programme. The course covers exercise, nutrition and weight loss with weekly meetings and support in between from the course leaders.

Multiple achievements

Bernadette embraced every element of the programme and reached her 5% weight loss at just week 6, half way through the course.

No only has the programme helped Bernadette lose weight, but it has helped her mental health significantly. Previously she wouldn’t leave house without someone else. She now comes to the programme with and speaks freely in front of the group. Her CBT therapist has also noticed a great improvement in her.

Key changes

She previously thought skipping meals and cutting carbs would work but now she sees that changing her lifestyle, eating full balanced meals and being active, has made the difference.

Planning her meals has helped her see that she can still eat well and doesn’t need to pick on the crisps and chocolates that she used to.

She feels the exercise element is excellent. Seeing others in same boat means she doesn’t feel like she is sticking out like she felt at previous jazzercize groups. Walking down the road used to make her out of breath, now she can run.

What’s next

Bernadette intends to carry on with the programme and the exercise sessions. The calls in between the sessions to see how she’s getting on really push her to keep going.

You are doing an amazing job Bernadette and are a great inspiration for sustainable behaviour change.

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