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These small changes helped Helen lose weight (and two dress sizes)

Small changes = big difference. That’s our motto here at BeeZee Bodies. And it’s been demonstrated perfectly by one of our Brighton BZ members, Helen.

By making just a few small tweaks to her diet and daily routine, Helen has already lost 11lbs in weight, 9cm from her waistline and dropped from a size 18 to a size 14. And that’s just the beginning of her healthy living journey… 

Helen joined BZ for All in Brighton with her husband – for moral support more than anything else. She’d always practiced yoga, and because she was toned and flexible she hadn’t noticed her weight creeping up. But when she started listening to the BeeZee Bodies nutritionists, Sam and Katie, she realised that there were lots of little changes she could make to improve her own health and wellbeing.  

Helen showing her weight loss

“Prior to joining BZ for All, I wasn’t exercising, didn’t eat breakfast, snacked without thinking, ate white bread, had ridiculously large portion sizes, didn’t think about the calorie content in alcohol, and didn’t make sensible choices at all” Helen said, reflecting on her old habits. “Now I eat a sensible breakfast, I’ve switched to wholemeal bread and smaller portions, drink less wine and do more exercise”  

The most valuable thing I learned from Sam and Katie was about making wise food choices. I never stopped to look at food labels before, but now I read the fat and sugar content to be more conscious of what I’m putting into my body.”   

And these small changes and attention to nutrition were paying off – just 5 weeks in to the programme, Helen had already lost 3lbs was already noticing changes to her body – and her belt!  

Helen doing yoga in her living room

Exercise-wise, Helen was already a keen yogi but she’s even managed to make some small changes to her physical activity levels too. She’s now running for the bus, and getting off two stops earlier for a 15 minute walk to work. That’s something I wouldn’t have dreamt about doing before my BeeZee journey started!”.  

Her yoga ability has improved as well- I’m loving the fact that now I’ve lost weight, there are yoga poses that I couldn’t manage before that I now can.” 

After 12 weeks on the programme, Helen had successfully integrated healthy habits into her daily routine and is motivated to continue losing weight and living a happier, healthier lifestyle. She only has a few more lbs to lose to reach a healthy BMI range. 

Our program and exercise leaders were fun and relaxed, which meant it wasn’t a chore to attend and making new friends was a plus for me too – we have a WhatsApp group and hope to meet up to do further exercise together. I never realised weight loss would be so fun and easy.  

Looking for support to make small healthy changes to your lifestyle? Join our Gutless, BZ Ladies or BZ for All groups to lose weight and make healthy habits with people like you.