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Emily makes healthy changes from the comfort of home

Emily, from Bristol, had been putting on weight for a few years, and she was aware that she was eating too much — with cheese and burgers among her weaknesses.

Her GP told her about Beezee Adults during a routine appointment, and then referred her to the service.


What were your reasons for joining Beezee Adults?

Over the last few years, particularly since being on antidepressants, my weight has been slowly creeping up and up. I was getting close to the BMI cut off for my current contraception and I was fed up with being larger and not fitting in my clothes.


What changes were you hoping to see and what were your goals?

I hoped I would lose a little weight but mainly wanted to see if there was anything I hadn’t already learned about healthy eating over the years. I was hoping to find some information about keeping myself satiated.


What changes have you made?

We have cut out the cheese on the weekends and intend to have it for special occasions, in a smaller quantity. We have cut down to one burger, replacing the other with salad or vegetables.

I have switched my lunch to half an avocado, sourdough toast and two boiled eggs, which keeps me full.

We have changed to eating meals at the table without distractions, instead of in front of the TV.


Do you feel you have achieved your goals?

I did lose a little weight and learned more about portion sizes, so those goals were met.

My body requires healthy fats as well as proteins to feel full and keep me fuller for longer.

So, while this is the opposite of what was advised, Beezee Adults has encouraged us to run experiments of our own — and this has helped with my goal of feeling satiated.


What was the best thing about taking part?

Getting to learn about portion sizes, hearing about others’ struggles and wins and realising you are not alone.

I also liked how friendly everyone was.


Did you benefit from doing the course at home?

Yes, I much preferred it to having to go out every week and dash from work through rush hour traffic.

I’m a homebody and suffer from anxiety so not having to take extra trips out in the evening saves me on energy that I would spend worrying about travel, being on time, eating, taking the dog out beforehand, etc.

It was great to learn from the comfort of my home.