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Linda gains confidence and loses lockdown pounds

Linda is a 61-year-old former HR and training professional who now cares for her elderly mother. 

She is in remission from cancer and wanted to lose weight after lockdown. 

What was your life like before you joined BeeZee Bodies? 

When I was commuting, I ate a lot of meals either on the train or at my desk. That meant lots of takeaway coffee, sandwiches and pastries. 

As I didn’t see much of my family during the week, I made it up to them at weekends with home-made cakes and dinners. The ingredients were good, but the portions were huge. 

I found commuting exhausting so had little spare energy for any other activities.  

What made you sign-up forBeeZee Bodies?  

I have struggled with my weight all my adult life, which has led to a number of health issues — including high blood pressure, knee damage and an obesity-related cancer. 

Although I lost more than six stone after my cancer treatment, I regained 20lbs during lockdown. 

I asked my GP for a referral to BeeZee Bodies because I knew I needed help to get back on track, but I hated the idea of fat-shaming weigh-ins or product-selling commercial clubs. 

How has your eating changed? 

I’ve made a lot of small changes which have had a big impact on my weight and energy levels. 

I now plan meals for the week and have redirected my love of cooking away from cakes and into healthier recipes. 

The nutritionist gave me the tools to make good food choices for myself, which has helped me save money in the process. 

And how about exercise? 

The exercise coach showed me activities I can do despite my “wonky” knee. I have put these into a 30-minute daily routine, which I do at home — often while watching TV. 

This has given me confidence to try new things like yoga and to take up swimming again. 

I hit my one stone weight-loss target during the programme, and I have continued to shed the lockdown pounds. My family have all lost weight too.  

What was the best thing about taking part in BeeZee Bodies? 

Although I have lost weight on my own before, it’s much better doing it with the support of others. 

I loved the banter and exchange of ideas with other people who understood what it was like to struggle with weight and exercise.  

What’s the one top-tip you’d share with others? 

Plan meals a week ahead, but have healthy and quick alternative meals and snacks in your cupboard/fridge for when plans go awry. 

How would you sum up your BeeZee Bodies experience?  

It cost me nothing except my time, but has given me the reset I needed to look forward to a healthier and more active retirement.