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‘I feel like a changed woman since doing the course’

Dawn is a 58-year-old pharmacy worker from Bristol who was referred to us by her GP.

She knew she had been eating too much and making poor food choices for years, but diets had not worked for her — and she was ready to try a different way.

Tell us about your lifestyle before joining Beezee

My eating habits were not the best. I have always had a big evening meal because I felt I needed to feed my stomach. I also drank loads of milk to get rid of the burning sensation.

In my mid-20s, I was diagnosed with a hiatus hernia, which improved with eating bigger meals. So, I got into a habit of eating big meals, which I needed to break.

I have tried many other diets but always ended up eating large meals, including having a takeaway at the end of the week. Snacking habits were crisps, chocolate, cakes, ice cream or anything else I could get my hands on.

Mentally I was not ready to try losing weight, as I have experienced a fair amount of trauma, so I just continued with what I felt happy with at the time.

What were your reasons for joining Beezee Adults?

I joined BeeZee Adults through my GP because I was fed up with my body: with carrying a lot of weight, with pains and achy joints, falling over and general mental wellbeing.

I just wanted some ideas on how I could make some small changes at home without going on a diet and depriving myself.

How did the programme work for you?

The advice given by the brilliant coaches and the webinars really helped me to get on the right track and make the right decisions.

The best bit for me was the laid back but professional way the course was presented. Also, knowing that I wasn’t the only person struggling with my weight and bad eating habits.

I enjoyed the whole course as I learnt so much with all the different sections.

Everyone was really friendly, super-helpful and gave us small steps that I could easily implement at home, rather than being on another diet that completely changes everything.

The course gave me the motivation I needed to push myself in the right direction — and now I feel I have the foundation to continue losing weight.

I am so grateful for all your help.

What changes have you made?

I feel like a changed women since doing the Beezee course, what was being said just made so much sense to me.

I’m still keeping smaller plates and will continue forever. I’m eating at least five fruit and vegetables every day.

I’m cooking from scratch instead of using pre-made products and being more aware of what I’m putting into my body, I’m healthier and happier with myself in mind and body.

I have continued my new eating habits since the programme ended. I am planning on keeping a diary of the meals I prepare and enjoy, what I like to eat based around what I learned.

Also, keeping an eye on all the healthier options and following the guidelines given on the course.

How did you find the webinar format?

The webinars were amazing for me. They gave all the right information and I really liked that they were later due to my work hours.

I was really pleased with the fact I could re-listen to them because I found I spent too much time concentrating on writing things down, as I am forgetful in general — and having a menopausal brain doesn’t help!

I felt I was supported by all the other clients, because I could see how they were doing, so I knew I was on the right wavelength and doing great.

I think a lot of people were very happy with this system.