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Download our Easter Scavenger Hunt

Easter: hyperactive, chocolate-fuelled children and nowhere to go to let off steam. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our BeeZee Monster’s scavenger hunt will have your kids hunting for clues (not chocolate eggs!) to find one special prize. We know that many parents can be concerned over their children’s expectation for lots and lots of chocolate over the Easter holidays, so while we’re all for enjoying an Easter Egg or two, we’ve also given some alternative prize ideas below.

Instructions for parents

  1. Download, print and cut out the clue cards below. Keep hold of card one and two. 
  2. While the kids are asleep, hide the rest of the cards around your home as per the previous clue. For example: the shoe clue goes under the fruit bowl, the soap clue goes in the biggest shoe, the dinner clue goes under the soap and so on.  
  3. Hide a prize somewhere in your lounge. We’ve given some ideas for prizes below. 
  4. Give your child the first two cards to get them started – and send them off on their way. That should give you at least 30 minutes to relax

Get your free Easter printable!

Download clue cards here


Stuck on ideas for prizes? Here’s some alternative prize ideas that are both fun and healthy.

  • A small chocolate Easter egg
  • An Easter-themed you like a cuddly bunny
  • A new game: either a board game or console game
  • An Easter-themed DVD (hands up if you love Hop) or a homemade gift voucher for a movie download
  • An Easter basket containing their favourite magazine, some fruit or a small chocolate egg or bunny, etc
  • Some pocket money