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Alternative Easter Ideas (that don’t revolve around chocolate!)

You can celebrate and still sick to your healthy habits!

Last week, Stu took to the airwaves to discuss parenting and family life over Easter on BBC Three Counties Radio. How Egg-citing!

As well as declaring his love of giant kinder eggs and debating the very important topic of whether chocolate should be kept in the fridge or not, Stu gave some top tips on how to have a healthier Easter.

*You can listen to the entire chat show here*

His main top tip was to plan ahead. You can’t avoid that Easter involves chocolate and most people wouldn’t want to deprive their family (or themselves, right!) of enjoying some chocolatey treats. But with some considered planning, you can ensure the kids don’t scoff their body weight in Cadbury’s in one day and turn into sugar-crazed loons!

Decide on who gifts an Easter egg – after all, no child needs an egg from each their Aunties and Uncles, Grandparents, Godparents, friends, siblings and pets. Think about how much chocolate you’d be happy for your child to receive,  and have a quiet word with your relatives and ask that only some people give a chocolate egg, while others could give alternative Easter gifts, like magazines, crafting kits, DVDs, cuddly toys or a bit of pocket money.

This leads onto Stu’s final point – dealing with conflict. When making healthy lifestyle changes, it’s important to get buy in from the whole family. Explain that you’re trying to reduce excess sugar from your family’s diets and create healthy habits in the home. If your relatives feel like they’re part of the process of your positive change, they’ll be more willing to help.

Easter doesn’t need to revolve around chocolate, so we got busy thinking about things you can do in your local area or at home to enjoy some quality family time this Bank Holiday weekend.

A field of bluebells in a forest
Go on a bluebell walk

Blink and you’ll miss them – but this Easter weekend is prime time to see some beautiful bluebells. There are lots of beautiful bluebell trails all over the country – here are some near our BeeZee Families sites:

Arlington Bluebell Walk (near Brighton)

Ashridge Estate (Hertfordshire)

Lippets Grove (Gloucestershire)

child feeding lambs at the farm
Visit the farm

Easter is the perfect time to celebrate the new life of Spring. Why not enjoy a family day out at your local farm – you may get to pet some Easter bunnies or see some little lambs.

Eggs that have been painted various colourful designs
Egg painting

Get crafty at home with some egg decorating. Use hard boiled eggs or carefully hollow out the egg to paint the fragile shell! Get creative!

3 Yellow fluffy plastic chicks in egg shells
Easter treasure trail

Forget an Easter egg hunt – you can hide all sorts of treasure around your home and garden to get the kids scavenging! Boxes of raisins, games, easter chicks… all sorts of trinkets can be found!

A person in an easter bunny costume jumping in a trampoline park
Trampolining - in bunny ears!

Hop to your local trampoline park to enjoy an hour bouncing, but to make it more Eastery – bunny ears are compulsory!