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Eggcellent swaps for a healthier, happy Easter!

Enjoy Easter with these lower-calorie chocolatey choices

We love the saying “small changes = big difference” here at BeeZee Bodies. We also know that completely banishing chocolate at Easter just isn’t realistic for most people. But by using our little motto, you can still enjoy some chocolatey treats while continuing on your family’s healthy lifestyle journey.

Our BeeZee Families nutritionist, Matt White, has compared some popular Easter treats so that you can make an informed decision on which choice to make for you and your family.

Cadbury’s Creme EggShredded Wheat Nest

This swap isn’t focusing on energy content (although the nests do have 38 fewer calories, which is something at least), but other factors such as reducing sugar intake.” says Matt.

A Crème Egg, with 29.1g of sugar is way above the national guidelines for sugar intake for a child and almost the entire daily intake for an adult. National guidelines recommend that we should not consume more than 30g of sugar per day (adults), 24g (7-10 year olds) 19g (4-6 year olds).

“Something else to consider is that a tiny little Crème Egg (although nice and gooey) won’t fill you up, whereas the shredded wheat nests are larger and have more volume, which will make you feel like you’ve actually had a treat.” Matt explains.

Plus, they contain a good source of fibre! A super smart swap for the whole family this Easter.

(Psst… here’s the recipe!)

Alternatively, you can make this egg-cellent swap:

256g Easter Egg130g Easter Egg

Downsize your Easter egg this year. Instead of a great big Easter egg, buy your child a smaller version – they’ll be so egg-cited for chocolate, we bet they won’t even notice. This way, your child will still be enjoying an Easter treat, but reducing unnecessary amounts of sugar and energy.

Remember to still enjoy a fun, family-friendly Easter, with just a few tiny adjustments.