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BeeZee’s Top Toppings!

Need a little inspiration for your Pancake Day toppings? We asked 5 of the BeeZee Bodies Team to share their favourite way to serve up their pancakes! Whether you are team sweet or team savoury, classic or adventurous – they’ve got you covered:

Blueberry Pancakes
Dan's Blueberry & Yoghurt Pancakes

“I like to keep things simple with my toppings and use up ingredients that are usually found in my kitchen. Once you have whipped up your batter and flipped (with varying degrees of success) a few pancakes onto your favourite plate, dollop on 1 heaping tablespoon of low-fat Greek yoghurt, then throw a handful of blueberries at the plate, whatever sticks is the perfect portion size. The blueberries will supply your body with lots of antioxidants while the Greek yoghurt will give you a protein and calcium boost! Enjoy!!

Top Tip: Goes best with fluffy American Style Pancakes!”

Strawberries make a great pancake topping
Charan's Strawberry & Peanut Butter Pancakes

“Here is a pic of some pancakes with my fave topping of: strawberries & peanut butter! A little unconventional I know, but as the worlds worst Canadian I despise maple syrup so had to get creative with my toppings at a young age!!”

Strawberry and Honey Pancakes
Mel's Strawberry Pancakes

“My go-to is strawberry, honey and grated chocolate on top! Easy, quick and delicious!”

Kimchi Pancakes
Freya's Kimchi Pancakes

“Kimchi Pancake with a peanut, gochujang and lime sauce with coriander and spring onion. 

I’m a big kimchi fan and love finding new ways to eat it. The pancake itself is vegan, just a little flour, potato starch, water and of course kimchi juice and pieces.  The potato starch gives it a great texture and you wouldn’t even know it was vegan, you don’t need much though! The kimchi does all the seasoning for you and a super limey peanut sauce balances out the richness of the batter.

Mushroom Pancakes
May's Mushroom Pancakes

“I’m definitely team SAVOURY 🙌 I prefer to make a big thin pancake or crepe and top with creamy garlic mushrooms! Super simple to make, roughly chop a big handful of mushrooms and sautee in a pan for a few minutes. Then add in a diced garlic clove and a heaped tablespoon of light cream cheese and voila! 1 of your 5 a day and a source of vitamin D!”