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Guest Blog from Keira – our wonderful BeeZee Families helper!

Keira having food with BeeZee Staff
One of our lovely BeeZee Families graduates has come back to help us around the office! Meet Keira...

Hi I’m Keira I started on the BeeZee Families programme in September 2018 with my family, and Charlotte and Mel were the staff running the programme. We had an amazing 15 weeks with them.

During the 15 weeks I can gladly say that my favourite bit was the cooking sessions when we made healthy pizzas and cheesecake. By mid way through the programme, I had lost a pound of weight which I was happy about. So I started telling people in my school about the programme.

The programme went by fast. Each week was something new, I learnt new healthy tips and new sports. After 14 weeks of the programme it was time to graduate. I went to the graduation party and I got to collect my certificate up on stage. It was amazing seeing all the groups together and seeing everyone on the same journey as me.

In April 2019 I came back as one of the helpers at BeeZee Families/BeeZee Bodies. I got my own name badge and a BeeZee Bodies T-Shirt. I joined the programme with Charlotte and Ben. I help out with snacks and support the kids.

I even did my work experience at the BeeZee office for the day. Everyone was kind and welcoming. I did things around the office like making a healthy breakfast which was porridge and fruit, and I sat at the breakfast bar to enjoy it with Charlotte, Mel and Matt. I had lots of jobs to do for graduation like printing and laminating certificates and signs. I also joined a team meeting and a team walk around Hatfield. Now to wrap up my day I’m writing this blog.

Seeing everyone who had been on the same journey as me again really got my confidence up. My journey was amazing and I will keep doing it again and again until I can’t.