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Father & son duo make Healthy Habits at BeeZee Families

Given the important role men play within their families lives we have got a BeeZee Dad to tell us his views on Men’s Health and his BeeZee experience. Over to Chris...

“My feelings about weight in this country are that it is clear that being overweight makes men and boys a target for abuse. My son and I have both been bullied for being overweight.

Suffering from depression after losing my Wife to cancer, and being left as a single parent to bring up my son was overwhelming. My wife cooked all the food for 20 years and I didn’t have a clue and no inclination to learn. Hence Ross called me Captain Birdseye!

A phone call from Praveen at BeeZee Bodies offered help for Ross and I to learn as a team how to live a healthier life.  After the call Praveen must have wished she had never phoned – I had described my utter misery and despair in detail.

Now we attend the weekly BeeZee Families group and it’s a revelation to us both. We have made considerable progress with regards to food choices, cooking, portion size and exercise. We have lost a small amount of weight, but more importantly we are considerably fitter, mentally so much happier and more positive about life in general.

We still have a long way to go, as I easily slip back into convenience food and big meals. But by doing this together Ross and I are able to encourage each other to get back on track quickly.

The BeeZee Bodies Team are so helpful.  They don’t appear to judge us, but are so keen to help guide us to better lifestyle decisions. They have also been available outside of club times to answer any questions and concerns.

It has also been good to understand the other families’ problems and how they are learning to overcome them. It was too easy to think I was the only person struggling. Ross and I now work well as a team, encouraging each other to keep up our healthy living.  We are happier, healthier and have such a positive outlook on life.

I would suggest to other Men that want to get themselves and their families fit, that learning together as a team with your children is a fantastic way forward for better physical and mental health, and also strengthening the family bond.

BeeZee Bodies have got it just right – Thanks Team!”

Chris (age 55) & Ross (age 11)

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