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Back to School: Get moving in the new term

Forming new healthy habits is easier when you’re in a routine, so why not take the opportunity of a new school term to incorporate some more activity into your children’s day? We have some ideas to get things moving…

Young boy doing stunts on a scooter
On the move!

What better way to start the day than get moving for the school run? Switching transport for an active way of getting to school is a great way to pack some more physical activity into your routine.

  • If you live close enough – walk, run, skip or dance to school. Or if you live too far away, park the car a little further away and enjoy a small walk to the school gates.
  • If you prefer a set of wheels, cycle, skateboard, roller skate or scoot to school!    
  • Walking buses (two or more adult volunteers walk a particular route to a school, collecting children along the way – ask your school if there’s any groups set up, or set one up yourself!)
Children having fun playing hide and seek in the playground
Breaktime fun!

During lessons children are sitting down, so break time is a chance for them to have some fun and get active. Why not introduce them to some of these old schoolyard favourites that we bet you used to play as a kid:

  • Hide and seek 
  • Tag /It
  • Hopscotch  
  • Stuck in the mud  
  • Catch 
  • Chicken or Hero  
  • Jump rope  
  • Red rover
Girl dancing in after school club
After school clubs

Clubs are a great way to meet new friendshelp with social skills and improve self-confidence. There are so many clubs out there it can be difficult to know where to start! Look out for clubs at school, local community centresleisure centres, youth clubs. Here is a list of a few places/ ideas to get you started; 

  • Swimming lessons  
  • Sports clubs/teams 
  • Kids Clubs/ Youth Clubs 
  • Scouts or Guides  
  • Dance  
  • Martial Arts 
  • Theatre/Drama  
  • …BeeZee Families! 

If you'd like to find out more about joining BeeZee Families

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