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Back to School: Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

The kids go back to school in just over a week – their shoes have been polished, PE kits washed, and new stationery is at the ready – but have you thought much about packed lunches? More specifically have you thought about little tweaks you could make to the content of the kid’s lunchboxes to make it a little healthier? 

Don’t worry, we know you’ve got a lot on your plate, so we’ve made this easy guide to packing the perfectly balanced healthy lunch to keep ‘em going all day long.  

  • Include a starchy main such as bread, a wrap or pasta to keep those tummies full all day long, complete with protein-rich fillings and always remember to add some salad to sarnies to count towards your child’s 5-a-day.
  • Make smart snack swaps – a hard boiled egg beats a babybel; ditch the crisps for rice crackers; put down the Penguin and satisfy their sweet tooth with a slice of malt loaf instead. Try to ensure at least one snack is a piece of fruit or veggies, and the other a healthy little extra (plain popcorn, sugar free jelly, greek yoghurt).
  • Always pack a bottle of water and try to avoid sugary fruit juices or sodas. If you struggle to get your child to drink plain water, you could try buying a fruit infuser water bottle to add a bit of natural flavour!
“When your packed lunch is healthy and balanced it gives you everything you need to stay focused and energised all day. The food we eat is used for energy so it’s super important that we choose a nourishing lunch that will get us feeling great.”
Matt White, BeeZee Families Nutritionist (Hertfordshire)

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