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BZ Ladies

BZ ladies is an evidence based weight management programme specifically designed to help women lose weight.

This programme is a 12 week course, which occurs once a week. Within each session there is an hour of physical activity, which Is led by one of our local coaches and an hour of nutrition which is led by a qualified nutritionist. BZ Ladies supports the development of a healthy lifestyle by looking at healthy eating, physical activity, social relationships and other factors impacting peoples’ ability to manage their weight through evidence based behaviour change techniques. We are able to provide a supportive, informative group service with tailored, individualised goals and challenges to support meaningful, sustainable change. Following the 12 week initial service, we will follow up participants throughout the next 9 months, with a check-in 3 months and 9 months after completing the service.

Who is it for?

BZ for ALL is our ladies only programme, for anyone who is looking to lose some weight and get fitter in a supportive environment. BZ Ladies is a social group with plenty of banter and social accountability.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The eligibility criteria for BZ Ladies is:
  • BMI 30-50 (27.5 with a comorbidity or of BME)
  • Doesn’t have any eating disorders
  • Ages 16+

The outcomes

The outcomes from BZ Ladies show decreases in weight, waist circumference and reduction in blood pressure, a reduction in blood sugars. It provides a social environment that helps with tackling social isolation as well as mental wellbeing. 92% of people who complete the programme lost over 3% of their body weight in 12 weeks.