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Small child's birthday party with mum

Beezee Mums

Lose your baby weight and give your child a healthy start

BeeZee Mums supports new mums through post-pregnancy. We’ll help you lose the baby weight and tell you everything you need to know to provide a healthy lifestyle for your family.

What is Beezee Mums?

BeeZee Mums is our healthy lifestyle and weight management programme developed specifically for new mums.

You can join us as soon as you’ve had your six week postnatal check.

Why Join Beezee Mums?

  • Get healthy diet support from our qualified nutritionists and learn how to incorporate healthy changes into your family’s meal times
  • Take part in safe and effective activity sessions held by experienced postnatal exercise professionals
  • Lose the baby weight and get all the support you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle for you and your family
  • Meet other new mums and their babies – chat, share your experiences and make life-long friends

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