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BeeZee Lite

Free 1-1 Health & Wellbeing Support For Your Family

Raising a healthy family is hard, but our friendly wellbeing co-ordinators can get your family’s health and wellbeing on the right track.

Whether you've got a fussy eater, a serial snacker, or no motivation to move…

We can help you and your kids create healthy habits with one of our free BeeZee Lite appointments.

BeeZee Lite is our free and personalised support service.

Every family is different, so we’ll only focus on the challenges YOU have with maintaining healthy habits at home.

Your one hour, 1:1 BeeZee Lite consultation will be all about YOU!

What to expect

  • A one-hour appointment with your dedicated Wellbeing Co-Ordinator. You can come by yourself or with your child - whichever you think is best for your family.
  • The appointment will be an informal, non-judgemental chat about your family’s lifestyle, and a chance to ask us anything about maintaining a healthy household.
  • The appointment can take place over the phone or video chat (Zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime). Face-to-face appointments are also an option in some areas.
  • By the end of the appointment, you'll have an Action Plan for reaching the goals you identify with your Wellbeing Co-Ordinator.
  • We may signpost you to other local services if you require support in an area we’re not experts in.
  • You will be offered a free follow-up appointment one month later to see how you’ve been getting on.

Psst….If you’re looking for more in-depth support in overhauling your family’s health, our (*ahem* award-winning) 12-week course may be a better option for you. Choose from BeeZee Families (after-school groups) or BeeZee Live (online sessions).

Who is BeeZee Lite for?

BeeZee Lite is for everyone who doesn’t always find it easy to raise a healthy family. And let’s be honest, that’s most of us!

We’re funded by local councils to provide our services to residents for free, which is great! But it also means there are some extra restrictions.

If you:

  • Live in / go to school in / are registered with a GP in Hertfordshire.


  • Have a 5-15 year old who is above a healthy weight for their age (you can check this quickly with our BMI calculator, or we can help you work this out if you are unsure)


  • You might well be eligible even if your child isn’t overweight and you just want to find out more about keeping things that way.

You can see more details on our Herts Eligibility page.