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Our Programmes

Want to find out what's going on under the hood? Curious what makes our interventions different? Check out more details about our programmes below.

BeeZee for All

A weight management support group for everyone to create sustainable, healthy changes in an inclusive, mixed environment.

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BeeZee Dogs

A weight management course designed for dog owners (or borrowers!) who want to lose weight and get fit with their four-legged friend.

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A weight management support group for men looking to get fitter, feel healthier and lose weight.

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BeeZee Ladies

A weight management support group for women looking to make sustainable, healthy changes.

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BeeZee Bumps

An antenatal social group dedicated to creating healthy habits and supporting one another throughout pregnancy.

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BeeZee Mums

A post-natal social group dedicated to creating healthy habits for new families.

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BeeZee Families

Behaviour change course designed for overweight children and young people and their families.

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BeeZee Chat

One to one weight management support delivered over the phone or online for people who can’t, or don't want to, attend group sessions.

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An evidence-based family support service for people with children under 5 to help people make small changes with big benefits.

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Habit before the habit is the behaviour change engine which underpins all our programmes and helps people make longe term sustainable change towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Why we say there are ‘no bad foods’

Many weight loss programmes define certain foods as "good" or "bad", but here at Beezee we take a more holistic view of the subject — telling our participants that there are “no bad foods”. 

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BeeZeeFest is the celebration none of us got to have in the past 18 months. Missed Glastonbury? No problem, we have got you covered. The theme is ‘festival’ because we value being together and experiencing great things together. In reality, it is a way to switch off from the immediacy of the everyday grind and get some new perspective on our important work.

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How to Engage with Teenagers

A programme that is a proven success with young children or adults won’t necessarily work for teenagers. It’s not that they speak a different language… (most of the time!)… but it’s important to get the delivery right in order to involve, challenge and support them.

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