A network of professionals across Hertfordshire who are helping to tackle childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles to families.

Welcome to #HertsHealthHeroes

#HertsHealthHeroes is a network of professionals across Hertfordshire who are helping to tackle childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles to families.

Here’s BeeZee Bodies CEO, Stu King, explains what it’s all about and how we hope to support other organisations and individual professionals across Hertfordshire who share our vision.



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Each month, we’ll send you an email with resources & insights to help you to deliver healthy lifestyles advice to the people you work with. We’ll also be highlighting key campaigns, initiatives and events going on locally. If you’d like to be featured, email info@beezeebodies.co.uk

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Get exclusive access to our Asset Bank of healthy lifestyles resources and content, such as recipes, Parent Guides, articles, videos and more. We invite you to use and share this content with your colleagues, patients and community, or in your marketing and comms. Just remember to tag us!

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We want to share our 15 years’ experience of helping families develop healthy habits, so we’ll invite you to training sessions on topics surrounding childhood obesity, behaviour change and raising the issue. If you have any specific topics you’d like us to cover, please email mel@beezeebodies.co.uk

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We’re always open to co-producing resources, trainings, events and interventions with organisations who share our mission to inspire a healthier Hertfordshire. If you are interested in collaborating with us on a project, please email mel@beezeebodies.co.uk

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What's on in Herts?

Sadly, more and more young people are struggling with a negative body image, which can lead to poor mental health and emotional wellbeing. It’s so important that we all try and encourage positive body image, both for ourselves and our community. If you want to help make a difference, join our Young People’s Body Image Steering Group. Anyone is welcome to come along, share their opinions, experiences and help create valuable resources to promote positive body image. Tune in to our first meeting on 10 June at 5pm.

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Young people have become more worried about their appearance since COVID-19 and have also rated their sense of wellbeing more negatively. Worryingly, referrals for eating disorders have also increased significantly since COVID-19. This free Body Positivity and Preventing Eating Disorders webinar delivered by Hertfordshire County Council’s Public Health team and the Eating Disorder Service at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT) is a must, for any professional working with children and young people.

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At the end of last year, just under 13,000 young people completed Hertfordshire’s health and wellbeing survey. The survey asked about important topics including mental health, healthy eating, and physical activity. Later in the month, we’ll be holding a webinar to share the results of the survey and to provide some useful information and resources for responding to the issues raised. Follow us on social media for more details.

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The Wild Child programme is free and accessible online and includes activities and ideas for things to do as a family. We believe that children should have access to nature and we want to help people discover and care for the wildlife around them. Our Wild Child project is aimed at families with children aged 5-10 and helps them to explore their local wild spaces and learn how to care for nature.

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Have you used the free mum and baby app? Download the free Mum & Baby app aimed to improve women’s experiences of maternity care and ensure this is consistent no matter where they choose to give birth in the local area. The app provides information for pregnancy, birth and beyond for families living in Hertfordshire and West Essex. Search for ‘Mum & Baby’ in the App store or on GooglePlay

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Healthy Hubs – the one-stop-shop for all your health and wellbeing needs – are now open across every district and borough council in Hertfordshire, with face-to-face services beginning to return. Residents can chat to a member of the Three Rivers Healthy Hub team at Rickmansworth food bank between 12 – 3pm every Tuesday and 1 – 3pm every Friday, while the Dacorum Healthy Hub is on-site at the South Hill Centre between 10am and 4pm every Friday. Hertsmere residents have three physical Healthy Hub locations to choose from, all currently open for drop-ins and appointments, to offer support in a safe and Covid-secure way.

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Our services

BeeZee Live for Families

An online version of our award-winning 12-week programme, aimed at 5-15 year olds and their families. Each week an interactive webinar covers a huge variety of topics such as: portion sizes, snacking, drinks, healthy recipes and keeping active.

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BeeZee Lite

1:1 support session for 5-15-year olds with a wellbeing coordinator, signposting to advice about nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle support. Together we develop a personalised behaviour change plan for the family to take away with them.

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An 8-week online programme for parents with children under 5 and live in Herts Valley CCG. Health, Exercise & Nutrition for the Really Young (HENRY) teaches skills including encouraging healthier eating habits and improving physical activity levels.

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Jamie (7)

We got a lot out of the online sessions, it really helped us to make some positive changes to our eating habits. I liked the idea of having the quizzes and polls as you still felt really involved, and both Jamie and I had lost weight after just 6 weeks.

Jake (15)

The online programme was run brilliantly. Informative, interactive and interesting. We all found it helpful and picked up useful knowledge for life! Jake has lost 11kg and he looks and feels so much better! Thanks BeeZee Bodies for giving him a lifetime of skills to keep this going!

Chloe (9)

BeeZee Bodies is brilliant! It's a fun way to learn about healthy eating and I will remember the things I've learned for years to come. There are things my family and I do every day to help us be healthier that we wouldn't have done before BeeZee Bodies.

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