Creating Healthier, Happier Families

We run free, fun, family-focused courses to help you and your children make healthy habits for life!


  • Sign up now for your family’s free place!
  • Your choice of an online course OR after-school groups in your local community.
  • Learn about healthy eating and exercise with our family wellbeing specialists.
  • Lots of fun and games guaranteed!
  • We’ll help you turn small, realistic changes into long-lasting healthy habits.
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To be eligible for a free place you family must:

  • Have one child (age 5-15) who is above the recommended weight for their age and height.
  • Live / be registered with a GP / or go to school in one of our council funded areas: Brighton & Hove, Hertfordshire, Gloucester City, Forest of Dean.

We encourage the whole family to attend – any siblings are welcome too! (even if they’re not eligible themselves). 

Your family will have a better chance of success if you work together to make healthy changes!

Absolutely not – our focus is not on weight loss. We are much more concerned with helping your family to learn some little tips and tricks to enjoy a healthier lifestyle!

Weight loss is never the primary aim for a children’s weight management programme as they’re still growing. Instead, we encourage them to focus more on building healthy habits, so they grow into their weight and learn to make healthy choices for their future! 

Our top priority is your child’s physical and mental health. We don’t focus on weight, we NEVER use the ‘f’ word, and we promote positive body image in all the children we work with.

We don’t put children on damaging diets or force them to exercise. Instead we guide them towards finding healthy foods they like, educate them on how to eat a balanced diet (which includes yummy treats in the right amounts!), and encourage them to find joy in movement.

It can be really difficult to raise the issue of being overweight with your child. However, by addressing it now, you will help them to adopt healthy skills for life and grow into healthy, happy adults!

There’s no catch! No hidden fees, no paid add-ons. It really is 100% free.

How? We are funded by Public Health England and local councils in Hertfordshire, Brighton & Hove and Gloucestershire, to offer support to eligible families in these areas free of charge.

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