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BZ Mums

BeeZee Mums is an evidence-based behaviour change programme designed to support new mums (with their babies) to make sustainable changes and lose weight.  This programme takes place over 8 weeks and is 1.5hrs. It is designed to be informal with part of the time spent discussing healthy eating for weight loss and the rest of the time mum and new baby take part in physical activity led by an experienced post-natal coach.

Who is it for?

Overweight new mums with babies under 1year old.

Eligibility Criteria

New mums have to have a BMI>30kg/m2 (or BMI>27.5kg/m2 with co-morbidities or from a South Asian background

The evidence

BZ Mums is underpinned by behaviour change techniques such as social support, goals and planning and feedback and monitoring. The programme follows the recommendations in the NICE (2014) PH 53 guidance on weight management and PHE (2017) behaviour change for Tier 2 services.

The outcomes

Weight loss of at least 3% alongside improved diet and physical activity as well as improved mental well-being.