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BZ Chat - Behind the Scenes

BZ Chat is the culmination of our commitment to supporting people on their terms. This programme provides one to one behaviour change support using various methods of communication. It can be face to face, over the phone, web cam (our preferred option) as well as regular contact in other forms – text, What’s app etc. It is a way of offering support to people who may otherwise not want to or struggle to get involved in other ways.  This represents a step change in the quality of support we can offer people with regular discussions with one of our staff, crucially the same member of staff, shifting and flexing with the needs of the person accessing the service.

Who is it for?

This is a good option for people who live rurally, people with poor access to transport, disabilities, people with young children, shift workers or just people who are a bit nervous about going to a group programme. This can be a high percentage of people and has higher incidences among men.

Eligibility Criteria
BMI 30-50 (27.5 with a comorbidity or of BME)
Doesn’t have any eating disorders
Ages 16+


Average Retention rate is 74% of Participants

Average of 61% of people completing intervention lost 3% or more weight loss.

When analysing the data for BZ Chat, there is a relative reduction in body weight compared with the other services. This is mainly due to a disproportionate number of mental health issues, complex social circumstances and other complications that make the process of change very difficult.

In essence this speaks to the type of results we are seeing, with a higher percentage of people undertaking chats being referred to other services and having to make significant steps to change behaviours not commonly considered within the purview of ‘traditional health-based behaviours’.