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Bz Bumps

BeeZee Bumps is an evidence-based behaviour change programme designed to support pregnant ladies to make sustainable changes and manage their weight during their pregnancy.  This programme takes place over 8 weeks and is 1.5hrs in length. It is designed to be informal, providing support from both the nutritionist/dietitian leading the group and the other ladies on the programme.

The sessions encompass information about healthy eating for mum to be and baby including food safety and breast feeding advice. Every other week a fun and safe exercise session is led by an experienced ante-natal coach.

Who is it for?

Overweight pregnant ladies living in the Bedford area.

Eligibility Criteria

Pregnant ladies with a BMI > 30kg/m2 but <35kg.m2.

The evidence

BZ Bumps is underpinned by behaviour change techniques such as social support, goals and planning and feedback and monitoring. The programme follows the recommendations in the NICE (2010) PH 27 guidance on weight management during pregnancy and also the American Institute of Health’s guidance on weight gain during pregnancy.

The outcomes

Modest weight gain during pregnancy, improved mental well-being and improved dietary and physical activity habits.

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