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WELCOME TO BEEZEE LIVE: The foreseeable future of BeeZee Bodies’ healthy lifestyle support

The way we help adults, children and their families make healthy habits is going to look a little bit different for a while. But COVID-19 won't stand in our way of supporting you to live a healthier lifestyle!

Whilst working from home, the BeeZee Bodies team have been busy creating a brand-new weight management support programme – introducing BeeZee Live! 

BeeZee Live brings BeeZee Bodies’ tried and tested nutrition advice and behaviour change support directly to your home by weekly webinars. You’ll get our expert nutritionists streamed LIVE into your living room (or wherever you choose to sit!) and you’ll be able to interact in group discussions with the other participants on the call. All you need is a computer/tablet/smartphone and an internet connection, and you’ll be on your way to making healthy habits.*(*and to meet our eligibility criteria – see below!) 

Each week, we will be covering all our usual topics such as portion sizeslabel readingmindful eating and so on. We’ll also be covering lots of specific stuff that will help you to make and keep healthy habits whilst we’re living in these rather odd isolation conditions (like how to stay active indoors and avoid the snack attacks!) 

We won’t be able to deliver our usual physical activity portion of our programmes, but we will be giving you loads of ideas and advice to get moving at home. 

Groups will be split into young families (age 5-10), older families (age 11-15) and adults (16+) so that we can tailor the information to be age-appropriate and fun for all! 

When will BeeZee Live be available?

BeeZee Live will launch this week (6th April) for the people who were halfway through a programme when the UK went into lockdown. We’ll pick up where we left off and cover the remaining topics we had yet to learn before our groups were rudely interrupted by COVID-19. 

We will then be accepting new people onto the BeeZee Live service the week starting 4th May. Your first session will be a 1:1 video chat with you and a nutritionist to get to know you and understand what you hope to achieve. Group webinars will then begin the following week, when we’ll get stuck into learning how to make small changes towards a healthier, happier lifestyle 

Children having fun on the computer
What else?

Now, more than ever, is the time to connect. So we’ve built an exclusive online community for our BeeZee group members past, present and future.  

Once you sign up for our services, you’ll be invited to join our secret Facebook group where you’ll get immediate access to healthy lifestyles support; ask our nutritionists questions, connect with likeminded people at different stages of their healthy lifestyle journey, and access our exclusive useful resources such as recipes, videos, tips and blogs!  

Cool! Can I join?

We are funded by select local councils to provide free healthy lifestyles support to their residents. This means that we are only able to provide our services to certain groups of people in the areas in which we operate: 

  • Children age 5-15 years old (and their families) who are above their ideal weight and live in Gloucestershire or Forest of Dean 
  • Children age 5- 15 years old (and their families) who are above their ideal weight and live in Hertfordshire 
  • Children age 5-15 years old (and their families) who are above their ideal weight and live in Brighton & Hove 
  • Adults age 16+ who are above their ideal weight and live in Brighton & Hove 

If you do not fall into one of the categories above, unfortunately we will be unable to give you a free place on our online programme at this time, BUT we are looking to expand to help more people very soon, so do check back in with us! 


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