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Top tips to beat the summertime booze

The warmer months often bring invitations to BBQs, weddings, beer gardens and other summertime booze-related events.

It can be a challenging time if you are trying to drink a bit less generally. Especially once the sun is shining.

Fortunately, we have got some top tips to help you cut down on the booze, while still having fun:  

Savour the flavour 

Day drinking is not just about getting drunk, so take it slow and enjoy the taste of your drink mindfully. 

Enjoy the aroma and the flavour, sipping rather than gulping it down.  

Get low 

There are so many good low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks available now, that the old excuse of “they just don’t taste the same” really doesn’t wash any more.

Alternating alcoholic and low/no-alcohol drinks throughout the day is a great way to drink less without missing out, and you could well enjoy yourself for longer. 

Stay hydrated 

Even if the sun isn’t shining (after all, this is Britain), it is still important to keep your body hydrated. 

As well as helping you feel better on the day, avoiding dehydration will also lessen the effects of any hangover you may have. 

Make a plan 

Think ahead about how many alcoholic drinks you want to have — and stick to that limit. 

You could even ration yourself, by setting a time for each drink. 

Eat first 

We probably don’t need to tell you that drinking on an empty stomach is a bad idea, because you will absorb the alcohol more quickly. 

If you’re at an event where food is being served (such as a wedding or barbecue), why not stick to soft drinks until you’ve eaten? 

Take a break 

As well as alternating alcoholic and soft drinks, it can help to mix in some activities that don’t involve drinking at all. 

Perhaps you could go for a walk, play a game or get the football, frisbee or bat and ball out. Summertime is all about having fun.