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This mum’s small changes make a big difference to her body shape, her energy and her whole family’s health.

With four kids to look after, Sarah spends a lot of time at home being Mum. And with a new baby, she wasn’t getting any exercise, and found herself reaching for convenience food and snacks throughout the day.  

Six months after the birth of her youngest daughter, Erin, Sarah decided to join BeeZee Mums to lose a bit of weight and become more active. She thought the idea of a maternal weight management course that you could attend with your baby sounded great – but she didn’t expect it to have such a big impact on her life…  

Mother eating a salad holding baby
Healthy eating for new mums

Sarah and Erin attended their first BeeZee Mums session three months ago, where they met our dietitian Lauren. In the first session, Sarah told Lauren her goals and her challenges, and they set out a plan of action. “Lauren encouraged me to go to the doctors after listening to my struggles, I was then diagnosed with an under-active thyroid which I’m now being treated for”.  

Over the next 8 weeks, they attended weekly sessions with other new mums and their babies. The group would discuss healthy eating and nutrition topics, focusing specifically on the challenges that come with being a Mum. “It helped me to think about food in a different way” Sarah said I didn’t think what we were eating was unhealthy, but attending BeeZee Mums helped me to see that my food structure needed to change”  

parent performing a glute bridge using baby as additional weight
Mums got moves!

The group were also gently introduced to safe and effective post-natal exercise. Every week they tried a variety of activities to improve their fitness, strength and flexibility such as Pilates, aerobics and circuits – with their babies in tow. 

One of the best things about BeeZee Mums was seeing how easy it is to exercise with a baby. I take Erin to all the classes I do now, but I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this before” 

Despite not exercising at all before starting BeeZee Mums, Sarah now works out at least four times a week; she attends many of the classes that she tried on the programme or post-natal exercise classes put on by the council 

“I have attended some classes with another mum from the course, and as well as feeling much more active and energetic, it’s really broadened my social life as well, which I wasn’t expecting!” 

“I’m much healthier, my diet is better and I’ve become really active. I also have a lot more energy! I no longer have unhealthy snacks at home and the whole family are eating better.”

Three months on from completing the programme and Sarah has maintained her weight loss of 3kg and noticed a big change in her body shape. But it’s not just her own health that’s improved – the whole family are benefitting from her new healthy habits.  

Lauren, the BeeZee Mums dietitian said:

“Sarah already knew a lot about healthy eating, but was struggling to put some of this into practice. She focused on eating regularly which was really well timed with weaning Erin onto solids. Sarah is a true inspiration when it comes to exercise, she went from nothing to exercising regularly and motivating friends to join her! She surprised herself with how many classes she could attend with Erin and how much she enjoys it!”

“I’m really happy that I did BeeZee Mums. I can’t imagine what life would be like now if I didn’t!” 

If you've had a baby in the last 6 weeks to 12 months and would like to make healthy habits to reach a healthier BMI, join our next BeeZee Mums course in Brighton. (Your little ones are welcome to join, of course!)

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