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The Lockdown Diaries • Week 6 – Puzzles and persistence

A partially completed puzzle

Home schooling and working from home is still going well. Hubby still doing a fantastic job, just concerned when returns to work, how I’m going to fill his shoes, but I’m fortunate that I have some flexibility with my role at BeeZee Bodies and there’s so much study support resources available online. We like these from BBC Bitesize.

However, I am finding evenings are a bad time for snacking – it always has been but not being able to get out hasn’t helped! I had to think of something else to do with my hands instead of stuffing my face, so I pulled a Wasgij jigsaw from the top of the wardrobe. I love these jigsaws as they are different, as the picture on the box is only a clue to what the picture is that your building, I recommend them so much so I have passed on a few to a friends, playing ‘knock down ginger’ and leaving a puzzle on their doorsteps.

Wasn’t too impressed with my little four legged PT this week. She came home from a walk with the boys and she absolutely stank, the little minx had been rolling in fox poo – eek !! OMG I’ve never smelt anything quite like it. Thankfully a good bath got rid of it, but friends were recommending using Ketchup or Diet coke!?!

I’ve now completed week 4 of Couch to 5K, and feel like I’m on a roll now so I’m just going to jump straight into week 5 with my eyes closed, run until I’m told to stop, and if I survive it’s a bonus!! Joking aside, it’s totally mind of matter with me, the half way and countdown prompts don’t work for me. When I’m struggling, which is usually the last run, I try and think of my WHY; the short and the long term goals , the feeling I’ll have afterwards, how good I’ll feel in that outfit on the next girls night out. I also skip to my favourite upbeat track (Boogie 2Nite) and just keep moving.

I’ll update you next time if I’m still alive on week five!

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