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The Lockdown Diaries • Week 5 – Back on Track

So last week I was feeling a bit down, this meme always helps me when I get down:

BeeZee Family preparing a healthy dinner

Home schooling started back up this week, so hubby was back on the case. He’s doing a fantastic job – they have this agreement that once all the school work is done they can get out for their daily exercise, whether its out on their bikes or down the field for ball games with Betsy.  

An exercise ball

Couch to 5k update :– still putting off moving on to week 3, I’d rerun week 2 so really need to move on. You progress from 90seconds of running to 3 mins (don’t forget I’m no runner and need to wear 2 sports bras!) but my motivation came whilst speaking with a BeeZee Families parent – we ended up discussing Couch to 5K and she reassured me that it wasn’t too bad, which inspired me to take that leap and did it. I was so chuffed with myself and thank you to that parent if youre reading this, you know who you are? 

Ive also been doing a free 30min workout on Facebook with Full Bottle Fitness at 11am everyday, by building it into my work from home routine and setting a reminder on my Outlook calendar. Its great as the instructor Tina adjusts the exercise to your ability to keep you safe but get the heart rate going! I even got my 6KG medicine ball out, it needed a little dusting off but helped with the sit ups.  

By getting back on track I feel much better in myself, its absolutely true the feeling afterwards totally outweighs the time thinking about doing it. I know it sets off some chemical reaction and benefits your mental wellbeing. It also has a knock on effect, I noticed I was eating healthier, which then made me make better choices when doing my essential shop (gin included) by buying a good selection of healthier things to eat in the house and less & smaller naughty treats (as I call them). So with my mindset shifted it has impacted the rest of the family for the better too.  

Dog with a toy in the back garden

We also found sticking to a good bedtime routine is so essential for both of us and Keane – we aren’t as tired, are better able to cope with being in each others company 24/7 and less tempted to hit the snack cupboard.  

I ended the week with some hairdressing. I dyed mine so I no longer look like Cruella De VilThen some haircutting on the boys... lets just say I was nearly divorced! Clearer instructions needed next time (if there is one) this was my first time using clippers! I personally don’t know what hubby is complaining about, I thought he would appreciate the Peaky Blinders style …. he’s such a big fan, there’s just no pleasing some people. After the fuss his Dad made there was no chance Keane was letting me anywhere near his, so it was Betsy’s turn! She was the perfect customer, no complaints! But to be honest I don’t think she cared what she looked like, she was just grateful of loosing some fur to help her to enjoy the lovely weather.