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Teen breaks his bad snacking habits, and looks and feels great as a result!

From secret snacker to healthy hacker, 16 year old Jake joined our online BeeZee Live course to break his bad snacking habits and lose a bit of weight. 12 weeks later and 11kg lighter, Jake has learnt to overcome his unhealthy cravings. 

Footie-mad and competitive swimmer, Jake’s always been an active boy, walking to and from school each day and cycling with his friends on top of his sporting activities. And eating fairly healthy family meals at home, Jake’s parent’s (Katy & Scott) couldn’t figure out why he was overweight.  

“He often found that he couldn’t fit into his recently purchased clothes. He knew this wasn’t good and didn’t feel great about his self-image Jake’s mum Katy told us “we tried to help him sort this out, but it became beyond us!”   

Turns out, Jake was sneaking snacks when he 

was out with his friends and hiding food in his bedroomThis secret snacking was becoming a bit of a ritual, so Jake was keen to try a BeeZee Bodies programme to see if it could help him break his bad habits. He asked his mum and dad to sign them all up to BeeZee Families, where they could all attend and learn together.  

Jake and his mum and dad, and younger brother and sister


Unable to deliver face-to-face groups safely during the coronavirus pandemic, we began streaming our sessions online in three different age groups: 5-10 years, 10-16 years, and adults. This worked out great for Jake, as being the eldest in a room full of little kids can, understandably, be really off-putting for a teenager! But on BeeZee Live, Jake was largely unaware how old the other kids were – age didn’t matter.  

Another benefit of taking part online was the privacy aspect – nobody needed to know he was attending the course, and so nobody could make negative comments.  

The whole family found the webinars really helpful, picking up useful tools like measuring portion size, and practical information – like the amount of sugar in high street coffee shop drinks 

“The online programme was run brilliantly. Informative, interactive and interesting. We all found it helpful and picked up useful knowledge for life!” said Katy 

“The most valuable thing Jake learnt was how to control his mind to overcome the unhealthy thoughts and snack in a healthy way.”  

Jake has made some really great changes; he has a salad for lunch most days, and a healthy dinner (with no chips – even when they’re on the menu). He’s allowing himself only 1 or 2 unhealthy snacks per week, and cut out fizzy drinks. He’s downloaded the nutrition apps we recommend on his phone too, so he can easily check the healthiest options when he is out with his friends. 

Unfortunately COVID-19 put a stop to his swimming, but he’s been getting active in new ways. He asked for an exercise bike for his 16th birthday and has been spinning 10km most days! He’s also been doing Joe Wicks workouts 4 times a week, and running 5km 4-5 days a week!  

“Jake has lost 11kg and he looks and feels so much better! He’s also improved his 5km running time from 33 minutes to 27 minutes” 

Jakes nutritionist, Freya said We’ve been really impressed with how much Jake has contributed in the webinars. He’s crushed all of his experiments and truly been a role model to everyone in the group.” 

He was awarded a £40 sportswear voucher for being the overall best teen in the group, and treated himself to some new trainers for his running. 

Jake showing off his prize trainers!

We have already recommended the course to a friend with a younger child who also snacks too much. The overall experience was massively helpful for Jake and the rest of the family. A great experience. Fantastically well run especially in the circumstances with the lockdown meaning they had to run the course online at very short notice! 

Thanks BeeZee Bodies for changing Jakes size, body image and habits and given him a lifetime of skills to keep this going! 

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