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Sugar at Halloween; Trick or Treat?

Many parents are frightful of Halloween coming around. The thought of endless negotiations with your kids that usually end begrudgingly in “fine, you can have one more” can feel like a terrifying task, however, what if we told you that we can enjoy sugar and still be healthy? It’s no trick! It’s all about balance!

Here at BeeZee Bodies we want to embrace behaviour change, and a big part of this is not restricting foods. In the big picture, Halloween (and often other celebrations where we explore delicious and new foods), won’t make much of a difference. Enjoying food and the social aspect of eating is a big factor that brings us together!   

What's the sweet spot? How to get the balance right.

Going out trick-or-treating is always a highlight of Halloween and one that goes in the childhood memory books. We’ve mentioned in some of our previous blogs, that the language and behaviour we use around children is something they pick up on. Occasions where we may be exposed to new foods is no different. We want to avoid labelling foods as “good” and “bad” and that includes the word “treat,” this places morality on foods and can lead to having a confusing relationship with food as kids get older.  

Top Tips

Remembering the bigger picture 

We can all enjoy sweets as part of a balanced lifestyle. Rather than treating Halloween as a single day, think of it as a year-round project. Establishing good mealtime routines and ideas around sweets can help reduce the urge to finish as many sweets as possible in one day. Placing these foods on a pedestal makes them feel novel and exciting so try and normalise having them in the house, and make sure not to use them as a reward.  

Try and encourage good oral health 

One of the concerns with sugar is its impact on our oral health. Try to encourage more tooth brushing on this day to protect their teeth. 

Try a mixed array of spooky snacks 

Halloween snacks don’t have to be sweet based. We can have a go creating lots of spooky treats, like our Wormy Spaghetti, Freaky Fruit or Frankenpeppers where we can try and vary the different food groups whilst still enjoying the festivities.  

Remembering it is just one day 

 In the grand scheme of things, one day of eating won’t undo your healthy habits all in one go. If you do find that your family has indulged more than usual, that is totally fine! It is important that we also create happy memories surrounding food to promote enjoyment – this helps those healthy habits stick a lot longer!