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Sports for kids who don’t like sport

Sports for kids who don’t like sport

It is vital for children to get exercise — not just for fitness but also to promote healthy development, to build confidence and to build their social skills. 

However, not all kids take to organised activities, so we have pulled together some ideas for alternative activities that might grab your kids’ imagination:  

Rock climbing 

Some children seem to have a natural instinct to climb things, but even if yours are not shinning up trees all the time, they might enjoy rock climbing as an activity. 

Climbing is good for developing strength and self-confidence. There are indoor climbing walls in most towns these days, with many offering beginner courses aimed at helping children to learn the ropes.

Martial arts 

Martial arts like karate, judo and ju-jitsu can be a great exercise option for kids who don’t get on with team sports. 

They are not just about fighting, but involve fitness, discipline and self-control. The self-defence skills can also boost kids’ self-esteem and independence. 


Dancing is a great way for kids to get active, at the same time as having fun and expressing themselves creatively. 

Whether it’s ballet, street dance or just bopping along to the radio, dancing can provide a good cardiovascular workout — as well as improving flexibility and coordination. 

It is also a great excuse to get together with their friends, or make new ones. 


Skateboarding or roller-skating both provide a decent workout, whether they are learning tricks at the skate park or getting their shimmy on at the roller disco. 

There is also a strong social element to both activities, and obviously they can help improve children’s sense of balance and co-ordination. And with skateboarding in the Olympic Games now, they might go on to win a gold medal. 

Mountain biking 

Combining vigorous exercise with time in nature and a few thrills and spills, mountain biking is a sport which doesn’t always feel like a sport. 

Kids can explore their local area and develop skills, and there are a growing number of bike parks where they can ride and improve their skills in a controlled environment. It is also a great activity to do as a family. 


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