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Sharing Healthy Habits during Lockdown

Lockdown has turned people’s lives on their heads, forcing them to make changes to their daily routines and habits. They are looking for ideas, examples from other people and support from professionals. It has never been more important to us to ensure our message is heard loud and clear.

Our brilliant team has been working tirelessly to ensure that not only are we still delivering evidence-based behaviour change programmes via BeeZee Live (our online learning environment), but also that we’re creating and sharing social media content that will give individuals and families, simple, realistic and fun advice and tips to stay healthy, and even improve their health during lockdown.

We’ve created an awesome asset bank of content around eating well and adopting healthy habits during #lockdown. It’s free for any local authority public health team to use. Assets include healthy recipes, videos, and printable resources including a gratitude journal and a healthy tuck shop. It will be updated weekly and you can revisit whenever you are looking for relevant, evidence-based content to share with your local population.

Access our Healthy Lifestyle Content...

Click here!

You’re welcome to use them on social media, online or in newsletters, to help spread fun, accessible & evidence based healthy lifestyles messages to people locally.

We ask that you don’t reproduce these as we are giving them away for free during a difficult time to alleviate stress on local public health teams and ensure people get high quality support ?