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Making new friends and trying new foods a BeeZee Families

Maria and her Mum Lorraine came to BeeZee families to learn about healthy eating and meet new people!

8 year old chocoholic Maria loves hot chocolate, chocolate biscuits, art and making dresses. Her school sent out some leaflets on BeeZee Families, and her Mum Lorraine thought it would be a great way to make new friends, try new foods and have fun.

Before attending BeeZee Families, Maria drank a lot of hot chocolate, with a side of chocolate biscuits every day. She loved crisps and sweets, and they were eating a lot of processed meals together. She has always been active, attending swimming, Brownies and Stage School every week – but they decided to come to BeeZee Families to learn about healthy eating and try new, healthy foods.

Lorraine told us the most valuable thing they learnt at BeeZee Families was about balanced eating, portion size and understanding nutrition information on labels. She said “since completing the programme, we have improved our snacks – they are much more healthy now. I am also planning out our meals each week and we’re eating more fruit and vegetables.”  

“Maria adored coming to the weekly sessions” she went on. The BeeZee Families team were so friendly and she loved the sports and activities and having the chance to run around and play with new friends!” 

“Overall, BeeZee Familes was a fantastic opportunity to improve overall health awareness whilst having fun!”