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Lockdown Diaries • Week 3: Falling into routine

This week I started feeling more accepting of this strange world we are all living in at the moment, and seemed to have fallen into a routine...

My hubby has been put on furlough so is doing the home schooling with Keane, which has helped me to get on with my work. But, as this week would have been the Easter Holidays, we decided to give Keane the week off – just made sure that he reads and exercises daily.  

We’ve put some limits on his screen time and printed out some activity sheets from David Walliam’s website, which was a great help. Top Trumps has also been a winner in our house this week! 

Keeping bedtime the same has helped with him not being so tired, bored, hungry and frustrated too. It’s about keeping a routine but at the same time, having fun!

Dog on a walk by a river

As for my routine, I’ve kept up with my running and am nearly at week 3 of Couch to 5k. I’m enjoying it but I won’t lie – I do need some mental motivation! I’ve learned that setting out my route and having a good playlist helps me to keep going.  

One thing I do love about my role at BeeZee Bodies is that I get to talk to other mums and dads who are all in the same boat as me – stuck at home, trying to make sure the kids are doing school work, are entertained and are not eating you out of house and home! It’s so nice being able to spend my day having conversations with you lovely people! 

So after a successful week, I have a dilemma this weekend as it’s both my son’s birthday AND Easter. I have to plan this carefully as it could become a disaster with birthday cake, chocolate eggs and too much temptation. Here’s my plan: 

  1. I’ll do the BeeZee Scavenger Hunt – I’ll do the prize as a hamper with a few bits to keep him busy and just one egg.  
  2. I’ve instructed the extended family not to get him any eggs or sweets for his birthday. 
  3. I’ll do an outdoor Easter Egg Hunt but hiding plastic eggs full of 20p, 50p and £1 coins instead of chocolate. 
  4. I will only buy a small birthday cake as it’s only the three of us! 
  5. We can go on a family walk for our daily exercise 
  6. Enjoy quality time together over a film and homemade popcorn.

Wish me luck and enjoy this weekend – stay safe, stay in, stay sane!