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Lights, Camera, ACTION! BeeZee Live 2 is coming to a screen near you this October!

It’s the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for – you can claim your family’s free place in our next virtual group to create healthy lifestyle habits! Hooray!

Just before 2020 got basically cancelled, we were mid-way through our BeeZee Families groups with families from all over Brighton & Hove, Hertfordshire, Gloucester & Forest of Dean.

Then, all of a sudden, our groups were cruelly torn apart by coronavirus. But our lovely families had been working so hard on building healthier habits, and we knew we couldn’t just abandon them! 

So we worked hard and fast to digitalise our award-winning sessions into a format thawe could deliver from our homes to yours…  

The result was BeeZee Liveour virtual group that streams our tried and tested (oh, and did we already mention, award-winning?!) family healthy lifestyles programmes straight to the socially-distanced safety of your own home 

A few technical hitches aside, our first 12 week course online went wonderfully, and our cohort of virtual graduates have flown the BeeZee nest with a load of life-long skills for making healthy life choices.

Now we’re ready to do it all over again, and are looking for new families to come and create some healthy habits with us.  

Interested? Here’s 10 things you need to know.

? Make realistic, healthy changes from the comfort & privacy of your own home 

? Log on at the same time each week for 12 weeks 

? Our team will be on live stream video to deliver the session to you in real time 

They are experts at engaging children around healthy eating and exercise and make sessions fun! 

? Take part in games, quizzes and polls to earn family points to earn real life prizes! 

??‍♀️ And try online physical activity sessions, delivered by a qualified children’s sports coach 

??‍?You won’t be on camera – nobody can see or hear you… 

? …but you can type messages to the BeeZee team and connect other families in your group to share and encourage each other. 

??We group together similar aged children, so that the information is presented in an appropriate way for your child. The groups are 5-8 years, 9-12 years and 13-16 years. 

? You’ll have opportunities to speak with your dedicated family nutritionist 1 on 1 via phone calls and WhatsApp

Ready to log on to healthy habits?

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It worked for these guys...
Jamie Smiling
Jamie (aged 7)

"We really enjoyed the sessions and found them very useful and a good mix of information and activities; we liked the quizzes and polls as you felt really involved. I would highly recommend BeeZee Bodies because they have really helped us to make some positive changes to our eating habits. Both Jamie and I had lost weight after just 6 weeks."

Anisha having fun
Anisha (aged 10)

"BeeZee Live was a great experience! We gained valuable knowledge about nutrition and how to make the right choices. It was lovely having an online community who we could share ideas with and encourage each other. The webinars were very interactive."

Jake getting ready to excercise
Jake (aged 16)

"The online programme was run brilliantly. Informative, interactive and interesting. We all found it helpful and picked up useful knowledge for life! Jake has lost 11kg and he looks and feels so much better! Thanks BeeZee Bodies for giving him a lifetime of skills to keep this going!"

Willow and mother on a walk
Willow (aged 12)

"Willow and I really enjoyed BeeZee Families. We learnt a lot of new nutritional facts about certain foods and portion sizes. We have been walking and cycling over the Downs as part of our weekly activities. Unfortunately we didn't get to meet face to face with all the lovely staff due to COVID but they did their very best online."

Count us in! How do I sign up?!

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