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Learning about traffic light labels helps 8 year old Billy choose healthier foods

This is Billy, he is 8 and he has a baby sister called Lily. Billy plays drums and guitar, is a great swimmer and is a yellow belt in kickboxing!

The school nurse suggested he join BeeZee Families, and Billy and his mum both thought it would be good to do together, as he was feeling a bit of anxiety over his weight. Billy was nervous at first, but when he met the lovely BeeZee Bodies team, Meg, Hannah and Montana, he felt at ease!

Since joining BeeZee Families, Billy is back to being much more active than he was before and has moved up a level at his swimming lessons! The whole family have benefitted from a more active lifestyle too; baby Lily has joined Tots club, mum Rebekah has joined the gym and they have started to walk to school instead.

They have all started to eat healthier foods too, by looking at the traffic light system on food labels and picking things that are mostly green lights. Rebekah told us that Billy has cut down on the ‘goodies’ and goes to the fruit bowl instead.

She said:

“The best thing about coming to BeeZee Families was getting the nudge we needed in the right direction. Billy absolutely loved BeeZee Families. He would look forward to it all week. He liked the fact we could offer his opinions and he felt listened to and values. He also loved the sports coach, Paddy, and the activities they got up to each week. Being around other children who also had issues with their weight was good for Billy as it made him feel included and accepted.  

I want to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Not just for giving us the confidence and skills to live a happier and healthier life, but so much more. And thank you so much from Billy.”