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Just Talk

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health

At BeeZee Bodies, we aim to improve people’s physical health, but we also aim to improve overall wellbeing. We do this by encouraging healthy habits, small changes and looking after our health as a whole, which includes mental health.  

This is why we are supporting the Just Talk campaign which is coordinated by the Public Health team at Hertfordshire County Council. Just Talk is a positive mental health campaign designed with the following aims:  

  • To raise awareness of mental health in an equitable way for boys and girls  
  • To raise awareness of self-help techniques and support agencies available to people  
  • To increase consistency of mental health language and messages across all partners 
  • To reduce stigma associated with talking about mental health/illness 
  • To equip schools and other agencies with the tools needed to actively promote mental health and wellbeing 

There are a variety of resources, information and further support on the Just Talk website www.justtalkherts.org . The information has been developed with input from the Just Talk network and where appropriate, with input and steer from young people. Further resources include a top tips for parents leaflet and a five ways of wellbeing activity sheet.  

 The Just Talk website is where you can also find out who else you can talk to. We’re all different, some of us prefer to speak to someone face to face, some prefer to speak over the phone, while others prefer to chat to someone online. Whatever your preference, there’s support available:  

  • Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous online support for young people  
  • ChatHealth – Secondary school aged pupils can text any health questions to a Hertfordshire based Public Health Nurse on 07480 635050 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5am).  
  • Healthy Young Minds in Herts – Hertfordshire mental health information for young people, parnts and professionals  
  • YC Hertfordshire – information and advice for young people in Hertfordshire  
  • Youngminds – National information and advice for young people 

It’s okay not to be okay.