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BeeZee Families now available in Gloucestershire

We've arrived!

It’s the moment our friends in Gloucestershire have all been waiting for! In January our award winning BeeZee Families programmes will finally launch in Gloucester City and the Forest of Dean! But what have we been up to so far? What can you expect from the programmes? Anmost importantly – how can you sign up?!  

We’ve been busy getting to know you...

11 months ago,  Alex (one of our BeeZee Families coordinators) upped sticks and moved from Hertfordshire to Gloucestershire, to set up our new BeeZee Families service.  

Since then, he’s been joined by nutritionist Poppy and service manager Shaunagh, and together they have been busy getting to know the community – particularly the local families! They’ve hosted focus groups and interviews with families from across Gloucester and Forest of Dean to better understand what life is like in this part of the country. 

Over the last few months, we’ve learnt a lot about their habits, challenges and routines, and what they want in the way of healthy lifestyles support for local children, young people and their families. 

Giving Gloucestershire the service THEY want...

We *might* have already mentioned that we recently won a RSPHN Health & Wellbeing Award for our BeeZee Families service, but we have now gathered all the inside info we need to tailor our already award-winning programme specifically to the wants and needs of the families of Gloucestershire.  

You asked for it, and we will now include: 

  • More family focussed physical activity opportunities 
  • Ideas and skills for the family to be active outside of our weekly sessions 
  • Workshops on access to local green space, focusing on activities like bushcraft to be active in the wild as a family. 
  • More focus around healthy cooking on a budget, including the use of frozen and tinned foods. 



Alex from BeeZee Bodies

“Hi my names Alex and I’ll be your BeeZee Families coordinator- on site you’ll see me doing lots of things such setting up and delivering lots of fun activities, preparing and serving our delicious weekly snack and most importantly chatting with all the amazing families on the programme making sure each and every family feels supported and has a joyful experience of BeeZee Families 

 I have been with BeeZee Bodies for over 3 years working with hundreds of families from my home county Hertfordshire, and  have recently taken the amazing opportunity of moving to Gloucester  to bring BeeZee Families to Gloucestershire. 

The Rugby Union team I follow has won 3 out of the last 4 European Rugby Champions Cup finals where I was very fortunate to attend the last 2 finals! But can you guess what team I support…?! “

Poppy from BeeZee Bodies

Hello! My name is Poppy and I will be your BeeZee Families Nutritionist. On site I will be on hand to deliver the fun and interactive nutrition content, answer any questions or queries the families may have and most importantly giving as much support to each family as possible to ensure as a team we are helping each family achieve their goals whilst having the best possible experience on the BeeZee Families programme. 

A fun fact about me is that I can pistol squat and I practice most days…even in the office! 

I also have two incredible dogs called Fern and Holly who love to run and be outside in the forest as much as possible! 

Shaunagh from BeeZee Bodies

I’m Shaunagh, the service manager, my main focus on site will be supporting the parents and their journeys during the programme, but you will absolutely experience me bopping around doing as much of the physical activity fun as possible too! A fun fact about me is I play Netball for Northern Ireland and recently played in the World Cup in Liverpool. I also love dancing, yoga and spending as much time outside as possible! I am really looking forward to working with all of the Gloucester and Forest of Dean families on our coming programmes! Can’t wait to get started! 

Ok, so how do I sign up?!

Reserve your family's FREE place here!