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Gutless; the weight management programme for men

This week is Men's Health Week so we've got our Gutless guy Ben to talk about the men's weight loss programme!

At Beezee Bodies, we provide a range of healthy lifestyle programmes. One of these programmes is our men’s programme called Gutless which I have ran for the last two years. Our Gutless programme provides an hour of physical activity and an hour of nutrition chat in a group environment. One of the reasons we offer a men’s programme is due to statistics such as these, provided by Men’s Health Forum;

75% of premature deaths from heart disease are male;

61% of men are overweight or obese; middles aged men are overweight or obese

3 out of 4 suicides are male

These statistics are quite scary and the challenge to tackle these are not straight forward.

What I found running the Gutless programme was that men are at first reluctant to join Gutless but once they attend and experience what our programme was about, they want to carry on attending after the sessions finish. From this, we created the Gutless Losers Club, that allowed participants to carry on returning to the exercise section of the programme after completing. This built a community of men who supported each other to get healthier.

Gutless’ informal tone helps to create a relaxed environment for men to talk about their health and what they struggle with, whilst also being able to have a laugh and banter between themselves. The aim is to reduce the above statistics and help men feel more comfortable about talking about their health and what they are experiencing.

What we recognise at Gutless is that weight loss isn’t as straight forward as just reducing the amount of food an individual eats or increasing physical activity. Instead we look into the barriers that are preventing you from achieving this.

I loved running Gutless and helping men make sustainable changes to their lives. The proudest moments I have at Gutless are not necessarily from the amount of weight a person or group has lost, but are from getting someone to do something they once loved and haven’t been able to do due to their circumstances; helping someone overcome a barrier that they didn’t realise was there. The best results I love to see are seeing participants reduce their blood sugars or high blood pressure as these are the results that help change people’s lives and help reduce the above statistics.

This year, Men’s Health Week is focusing on the numbers. So we’re celebrating the numbers provided by our Gutless participants in 2017/18.

185 participants completed Gutless; 92% of them said that they were now more confident that they could make a healthier choice – this lead to 77% lost weight. Although these statistics show the great changes that people make on the programme what is more important is that 92% of men enjoyed the programme and 90% would recommend to a friend.

On the Gutless programme we try and focus more on creating an experience that our participants can enjoy and want to attend every week, rather than a programme that they feel an obligation to attend.

Our Gutless programme is currently running in the Brighton and Hove area. If you are interested and want to make a change to your lifestyle give us a call and one of our awesome staff members can answer any questions you might have about Gutless and get you booked onto one of our programmes.

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