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Get creative this weekend with our top bank holiday activities

Need some crafty and creative bank holiday activities to keep the whole family entertained? We’ve got you covered this long weekend – whether it’s blue skies or grey clouds. 

Take your lunch outdoors  

Take a long walk across the beach or through the forest before you thrown down your picnic blanket. 

It will give you chance to build up an appetite – and will encourage children to get active before they settle for a snack.  

Remember to keep plates colourful by packing healthy choices. Swap chocolate for fresh fruit and crisps for veggie sticks so no one feels sluggish during the walk back. 

Try something fruity 

May is the ideal time to use seasonal produce like strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants. In-season food is often fresher and tastier – and better for the environment. 

Crush a mixture of berries in an ice tray and freeze: 

  • Eat them as tasty, frozen treats 
  • Blend them with milk for an instant milkshake 
  • Pop them in a glass of water for a healthy, refreshing drink. 

They also make some berry delicious strawberry and coconut ice-cream. 

We’re going on a bug hunt 

Sunny skies are perfect for spotting birds and squirrels at the park, but looking for insects can be done in any weather.  

From butterflies and bees to snails and slugs, put together a bug bingo card to get little ones searching for creepy crawlies. It’s a simple way to encourage children to exercise, whilst teaching them all about the miniature wonders that live in their garden. 

Get crafty with your recycling 

Rummage through your recycling pile for some crafting gold: 

  • Decorate toilet roll tubes to make your own set of bowling skittles 
  • Cut windows and a door into a cereal box for a makeshift doll house 
  • Create a collage or make a mosaic using old magazines. 

You could also turn old packaging into plant pots and seed trays. It’s a simple way to enjoy the health benefits of growing your own fruit and veg. 

Ready to give our bank holiday activities a go? 

Whether you want to cook, craft or enjoy the outdoors, our bank holiday ideas are sure to keep everyone happy over the long weekend.  

And if you need even more ideas, take a look through our recipes and resources 

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