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Fun festive activities to keep your family fit!

Get ready for fun-filled Christmas of wacky games to keep you and your family active and in the holiday spirit!


Family playing Stocking Bowling

Stocking Bowling!

You will need: 

  • A pair of tights  
  • A tennis balls (or something round and heavy)  
  • Plastic cups (or empty tins, water bottles, cartons, anything that can be knocked down!)  

How to play:  

  • Set up your cups (or whatever items you are using) in any shape or layout you want. You can choose a classic bowling layout, a straight line or make a shape like a star or circle.  
  • Next, place the tennis ball (or your chosen item) into the pair of tights so that it sits at the bottom where your foot would normally go 
  • One at a time each player steps up. They place the tights over their head, just covering their forehead and letting the rest of the tights hang down. Then, without using their hands, players attempt to swing their head so that the ball hits the cups and knocks them down!  
  • You can set rules around this too. For example, only allowing players to swing from a certain distance or only allowing players to swing a certain number of times. Or you can go crazy and swing until all the cups are down 
  • In the end the player who knocks down the most cups in the fewest amounts of swings wins!  


Santa Limbo!

You will need:  

  • A pillow or cushion  
  • Santa Hat (optional)  
  • A stick (or anything such as a laundry pole, measuring tap, skipping rope or long ruler) 

How to play:  

  • Two people hold the stick on either end, starting high to begin with  
  • One at a time, each player places the pillow or cushion under the top as ‘Santas Belly’.  
  • The player then has to limbo underneath the stick shouting ‘Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas’ as they go!  
  • Any player who successfully limbos under the stick without falling or touching the stick moves to the next round  
  • The stick gets lower and lower, and players compete until there is only one official Santa Limbo winner left!  

Take a look here to see how some other children and families played!  

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Get everyone involved on Christmas day in a hunt for presents or random objects around the house, garden or park!  

What you will need:  

  • Objects/presents for people to find  
  • Pen and paper to write clues  
  • String or Blu Tack (if you need to securely attach any clues or objects)  

How to play:  

  • One person makes the clues and hides them and the objects around their chosen location 
  • Next, gather everyone who wants to take part in the hunt. You can play individually or in teams.  
  • Set a timer and see how many clues and objects each person/team can find  
  • The final clue could lead to a present or you can simply collect tokens along the way!  
  • Just make sure all the clues and objects are in easy to reach locations for all your family and friends. Enjoy!  

Examples of clues:  

  • I have four legs but no feet, people come to me to eat, this clue is no fable, quickly go look under the kitchen…(table)  
  • Tucked up fast asleep, not a word and not a peep, this is the place you lay your head so quickly go and look under the…(bed)  
  • Look in the place where a rubber duck would swim (bath tub) 
  • Go to the place where the sunshine comes inside (window)  

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