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Four great reasons to exercise together

Eggs and bacon, tea and biscuits, Ant and Dec — some things just work better together. 

Exercising and friends is another winning combination, letting you share the fun as well as the suffering as you go. 

Here are four solid reasons to rope a friend into your workouts: 


It’s so easy to skip a planned exercise session after a hectic day at work, when the lure of the sofa overcomes the appeal of a workout.  

But if you’ve made plans to meet a friend, you’ll be more likely to go ahead with it — so you don’t let them down. 

Setting a regular day and time for your shared workout can also be a big help in forming healthy habits, as it becomes part of your routine. 


Whether you’re the competitive type trying to out-do your pal, or more collaborative and supporting them, you’ll be able to spur each other on to bigger and better things than you might have managed alone. 

There’s also the above-mentioned motivation to turn up in the first place when it’s gloomy and drizzly outside. 

Branching out 

It’s easier to try new things if there’s someone to share the experience with – making it less daunting to walk into a room full of weights or a new exercise class. 

There’s also a safety aspect to having a workout partner if you’re out in public in the early morning or evenings. 


Social connection is really important for our wellbeing, and exercise provides a great opportunity to catch up with an old friend or bond with a new one over the shared experience. 

You’ll also have the chance to celebrate your wins together and share ideas as you move toward your goals.